My DXpedition rig consists of:

> IC-7300
> Switching power supply “Astron SS30” - 30A
> DIGI KEYER II (RTTY gear and rig control)
> Mini-Paddle MP 817 by “Palm-Radio”
> Ultrabook ACER Swift 3 with logging software             N1MM
> Vertical aerial HF9VX by Butternut
> Inverted L for 160m with 14m glass fibre pole
> Handheld microphone for unexpected use :o))
   but very seldom used
> QSLling software  BV7 by DF3CB

My stationary rig consists of:

> IC-7300 / IC-7410
> Switching power supply SAMLEX SEC 1235 (35A)
> DU-1500 Antenna tuner
> DIGI KEYER II (RTTY gear and rig control)
> Schurr profi keyer
> Desktop Computer WIN 10
> Logging software: “Logger32” by Bob Furzer
> Contest software: N1MM Logger+
> Mosley TA-53-M (20-17-15-12-10-6m)
> Kelemen dipole (160-80-40-30m)

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