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   My name is Gerd Uhlig and I was born November 16, 1946 in a small town in the Arch Mountains in the middle east of Germany. I was first licensed as DM6TAN in May 1965.
My first QSO, I remember like it took place yesterday, was with Brge, OZ2NU.
I have had several hobbies before I was "infected" with that ham radio virus.
So I collected stamps and did many other things but the virus never hit me so seriously. In 1966 I was recruited and after my time in the Army as radio operator I got a job also as radio operator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the former German Democratic Republic. Unfortunately it was not allowed to practise the hobby during those years. I have been to China, Cuba, Egypt and Iran for several years. It would have been great with the respective licenses in my hands - but I had to sit and wait!!  In 1990 I came back to ham radio. Since then I enjoy ham radio at it's best. My favourites are contesting and DX hunting as well as doing DXpeditions.
Until 1.1.1993 I was QRV as Y88VO, then I had to change my callsign to DL7VOG. 
I was active as SV9/Y88VO/p and SV9/DL7VOG/p (Crete Island), C6A/DL7VOG and C6AKA (Bahamas), 8P9GU (Barbados), J38GU (Grenada), J87GU (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), J79GU (Dominica), 6Y5/DL7VOG (Jamaica), V47GU (St. Christopher & Nevis), VP2MGU (Montserrat), HKGU (San Andrs and Providencia), ZF2GU (Cayman Islands). VP2V/DL7VOG (Anegada Island, B.V.I.), PJ5/DL7VOG and PJ5G (Sint Eustatius), 9Y4/DL7VOG (Tobago) and J6/DL7VOG (Saint Lucia).

   My hobby is a bridge to the world. I have many friends all over the world, whom I know from countless contests or personal meetings. We often meet local hams during our vacations in the Caribbean. Amongst them Abel- HKVGJ (in the picture above), Mario - HK3WGQ, Gary - 8P6ER, Charlie - 8P6KW, Carlo - 8P6RY, Lawson - V44KO, Karl - V44NK, Rhinehart - C6ANO, Carolyn - C6AGG, "Smitty" - C6ANV, Frank - J39CY, Donald - J88CD, Bruce - VP2MB and the guys of the Dutch "Lowlands DXpeditions gang". I met good friends like Chet - AB4XK, George - K5KG (J75KG), Miika - OH2BAD, Andy - SP9UNX, Pawel - SP7PS and many many others. You can read more about my DXpeditions, when you click to "Previous DXpeditions".

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