J79GU - November 2000


“Sea Cliff Cottages”


Dominicas National Flag



   Dominica - Country and People

  The "Nature Island" Dominica is a lush green, mountainous island, located between the two french islands Martinique in the south and Guadeloupe in the north. The island is 50 km long and 20 km wide, the highest elevation, the Morne Diablotin, is 1447 m high.
   Dominica is wellknown for "soft tourism". You wont find any of those big concrete tourist fortresses on that beautiful island. We hope that it may be left in that state for a long time.

  Capital City

  Roseau (11.000 inhabitants)


  84.000. 65% black, 30% mulatos and creoles,  3% indians,
  2% white people




  80- 90F (27-32C) throughout the year
  Hurricane season - June until October




  East Caribbean Dollar (1 EC$ ~ 0,37 US$)


  Not necessary - but better ask your Doctor

       The actual  temperature
  in Roseau / Dominica


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   How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your license application, together with the following items

- Photocopy of your passport
- Photocopy of your own licence
- List of your equipment (transceiver, PA, computer, aerials etc.)
- Intended date and place of your stay in Dominica

to the following address:

Ministry of Telecommunications and Works
Telecommunications/Wireless Officer
Mr. Cadette
Dominica, W.I.

Send your application well in advance; 8 weeks before you enter Dominica should be enough (better more).

Licence fee is  25 US$.
You will get your license after arrival in Roseau in Mr. Cadettes office.

   Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

  Ministry of Telecommunications and Works
  Telecommunications/Wireless Officer
  Mr. Cadette
  Dominica, W.I.

  Tel.:  (001-767)  448 2401
            Ext. 3239
  FAX:  (001-767)  448 4807
  Email: sjcadette@hotmail.com

  Sea Cliff Cottages, Calibishie, a great place to be.
  One of the best DX spots, I have ever operated from.
  George, K5KG, also operates from there as J75KG in many
  Lot of space for big antennas.

  Tel.: Dec - May (001 767) 445 8998
  Tel.: May - Dec (001 613) 756 3116
  Email: sherwood@mv.igs.net or
   www: http://dominica-cottages.com

  Hazel (Manager of Sea Cliff Cottages)

  Tel.: (001-767) 445 7048

  Pointe Paptiste, another nice place in Calibishie,
  amongst big trees. Enough space for a beam or a
  vertical antenna.

  Tel.:   (001-767)  445 7783
  FAX:  (001-767) 445 8495
  Email: guinguette@cwdom.dm