This is just a proposal for a license application. Normally it was sufficient, at least as a first contact per mail or email. Either one gets the desired license or appropriate papers for a license application.
At present most license authorities might be attainable by Internet. So you can try to find out what is necessary for a guest license. Sometimes you may find a special application form you can fill in online


Gerd Uhlig                                                                                                   Berlin, July 01, 2000
P.O.Box 700 332
D-10323 Berlin
F.R. Germany


Ministry of Telecommunications and Works
Telecommunications/Wireless Officer
Mr. Cadette
Dominica, W.I.


Amateur Radio License Application

Dear Sir,

I herewith kindly apply for a Dominican amateur radio guest license.
We are planning a three weeks visit at "Sea Cliff Cottages" / Calibishie from November 8 until November 29, 2000. I am holder of the  German call sign DL7VOG. Enclosed you will find a copy of my German class "B" licence (comparable to the American extra class license), a  copy of my German Passport, a list of my amateur radio equipment and 25 US$.

If I could choose any call sign, please issue J79GU.

Please send the license to my above mentioned home address.

Thank you very much in advance.


Gerd Uhlig