HKØGU - 2001/02/04/06


Our QTH on Isla Providencia


National flag of Colombia



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to find more info about my recent DXpeditions to San Andrés and Providencia in 2004 and 2006. You can also find all HKØGU logs.

   San Andrés - Country and People

 The San Andrés archipelago consists of three Islands and some Islets, so called cayos (cays), is located in the western Caribbean off the nicaraguan coast and belongs to Colombia. The rather flat main island San Andrés is about 7 miles long and over 2 miles wide. Providencia is a mountainous island of about 5 miles in diameter and is located some 50 miles north of San Andrés. The third island, Santa Catalina, is connected to Providencia with an about 300 meters long pedestrian bridge - the “Lovers Bridge” and is about 1 mile in diameter. The islands are surrounded by the third biggest coral reef in the world - an “El Dorado” for divers and snorkelers.

  Capital City

  San Andrés




  Spanish and English


  Around 80°F (27°C) througout the year
  Hurricane season: June until October


  110 Volt


  Colombian Pesos


  Not necessary -  but better ask your Doctor

        Actual time and temperature
  in San Andrés


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   How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your licence application (in Spanish) together with the following items

- Photocopy of your passport
- Photocopy and a translation into Spanish of your own licence
- 2 Passport size photographs with blue background
- List of your amateur radio equipment
- Date and place of your stay in San Andrés

to the following address:

Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados
Carrera 32 No. 94-67
Santa Fé de Bogotá

Send your application well in advance; the mail is very unreliable.

Licence fee is 7 US $ for an HKØ/Homecall licence or 70 US $ for a genuine HKØ licence. The HKØ/Homecall licence is valid for one year, the genuine HKØXYZ licence is valid for 10 years. DXpedition teams can apply for a special call sign like 5KØXYZ - this licence is valid only for the time of the DXpedition and is free of charge.

Attention:  Since 2008 “genuine” HKØ-licenses like HKØXY are issued only to native hams, foreign hams get now HKØ/homecall or DXpeditions-calls for teams like 5KØA or others.

   Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

  Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados
  Carrera 32 No. 94-67
  Santa Fé de Bogotá

  Tel:  (0057-1) 610 8499
  Fax: (0057-1) 710 9877

  Pension “Haus Berlinesa”, Andreas Buchmann, Bogotá.
  An inexpensive and good accomodation if you have to
  stay in Bogotá for a night, transfer from and to the
  Airport on request.

  Tel:  (0057-1) 232 8504
  Fax: (0057-1) 288 1097

  Hotel Cocoplum, San Luis, San Andrés

  Tel: (0057-8) 513 2087
  Fax: (0057-8) 513 2646

  Hotel “Deep Blue”, Isla Providencia

  Tel: (0057-11) 514 8126

  “Red Crab” Apartments, San Luis, San Andrés

  Tel: (0057-8) 513 0314