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 Tobago - Country and People

 Tobago is one part of the twin-island-state Trinidad & Tobago and is located in the southern Caribbean just a few miles north of the Venezuelan coast. Tobago is about 40 km long and 12 km wide. The biggest part of the island is covered by a mountain range - the Main Ridge. The highest elevation is Pigeon Peak with 576 m. Very impressive are the giant rainforest reserves, which are only thinning where there are human settlements.
 Driving a car on Tobago is a real challenge and adventure for any foreigner. Apart from driving on the left I hardly remember even a part of the road - outside the villages - that leads more than 100m straight. The narrow roads are winding up- and downhill in never ending S-curves with lots of hairpin turns. But the picturesque bays on the west coast compensate the “hardness” of the trip.
 In Castare, a small fisherman’s village, one can snorkel in the reefs right off the beach. You will find stingrays, turtles, giant lobsters and of course lots of fish.
 Tobago is also a paradise for those who have a “faible” for a colorful flora and fauna. You will find beautiful creatures and plants wherever you set your foot. We enjoyed feeding Mot Mots, Sugarbirds and others right on our balcony when we had breakfast. They came every morning to beg for food.

 Capital city







 Around 85F (30C) throughout the year
 Hurricane season - June until October - but seldom Hurricanes


 110 Volts


 TT-Dollar / US-Dollar


 Not necessary - but better ask your Doctor

    The actual temperature
 in Tobago


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to find a travel report about my recent DXpedition to Tobago as well as a few photographs

  How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your license application, which you can download at
as a PDF file together with the following items

- Photocopy of your passport,
- Photocopy of your license,
- List of your equipment to use in Tobago
- Place and duration of your stay in Trinidad & Tobago

to the following email-address:

Attention, it doesn’t make sense to fill in the Application form online. Nobody seems to read it. Better download the form; click to “here” in the first row, print it and fill it with your data, scan and send it as PDF file to the above mentioned email address.
Send your application well (and I mean WELL) in advance! I sent it in July but until mid of October I had NO reaction at all. No emails were answered until I sent an email to the chief of the Authority.
Ask frequently for the progress.

License fee is 40TT, that is about 7 USD.
The only way to get your license is to visit Trinidad and pay and sign your license personally!!!
An odd way and much more expensive as the “worth” of the license.

  Addresses, Phone Numbers und Email Addresses

 TATT (Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago)
 #5, Eighth Avenue Extension, off Twelfth Street,
 Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

 Tel: (001-868) 675-8288
    (001-868) 221-8288
 Fax: (001-868) 674-1055

 Alibaba’s Sea Breeze Apartments
 Castara / Tobago

 Tel: (001-868) 635 1017
 Fax: (001-868) 635 1017