1994 New Providence


National flag of the Bahamas


C6AKA - 1998 Bimini/Crooked
C6AKA - 2000 Berry Islands
C6AKA - 2005 Long Island



My 2005 C6AKA activity to Long Island (NA-001) took place from May 1 to 15.

A brief travel report and some photographs you may find on my extra C6AKA page at www.qsl.net/c6aka or www.qslnet.de/c6aka.
We also visited our good friends Kay and Chet (AB4XK) in Eagle Lake / Florida and made a side trip to the Ham Vention in Dayton/OH.

   The Bahamas - Country and People

  The Bahamas are located between Florida (USA) in the north and Cuba in the south and consist of 30 bigger islands, over 700 smaller islands and more than 2400 reefs (cays), only 29 of them are inhabited. The Bahamas are flat islands with wide sandy beaches and lots of palm trees. The highest elevation is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island with 63 meters (206 ft). The climate is subtropic  and mild.

  Capital City

  Nassau (170.000 inhabitants)


  276.000; 88% of them are black or mulattos, 12% white




  January about 22C (71F), July about 28C (82F)
  Hurricane season - May until November


  220 Volts


  Bahamas Dollar = US-Dollar (both currencies available)


  Not necessary - but better ask your Doctor.

        Actual time and temperature
  in The Bahamas


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   How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your licence application, together with copies of your passport and own licence, a list of your equipment, your location in the Bahamas and the intended length of your stay, to the following  address:

Public Utilities Commission
Miss Whyms
POB 4960 Nassau

You can probably apply for a guest license through the Internet. Email address see below in the address box.

Licence fee is 25 US $ (for Germans).

Send your application well in advance; 8 weeks before you enter the Bahamas should be enough.

   Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

  Public Utilities Commission
  Miss Whyms
  Fourth Terrace East
  Collins Ave.
  POB N 4860 Nassau

  Tel: (001-242) 322 4437
  Fax: (001-242) 323 7288
  Email: cwhyms@pucbahamas.gov.bs

  Rhinehart Pearson
  President of the Bahamas Amateur Radio Club

  Tel: (001-242) 364 2332

  C6AGG, Carolyn Wardle
  (Carolyn runs a Travel Agency and may be helpful if you
  are looking for a suitable location)

  Tel: (001-242) 362 1574
  email: cwardle@batelnet.bs

  C6ANV, "Smitty" - Land and Sea  Communication Service -
  Service Center ICOM and others

  Tel: (001-242) 393 1252

  Hotels in the Bahamas


  New Providence - Hotel "Orange Hill Beach Inn"
  P.O.Box N-8583
  Familiar atmosphere. They have a heart for hams..
  No problem to erect any antenna. Not enough space for
  bigger "antenna fields".

  Tel: (242) 327 7157
  Fax: (242) 327 5186
  email:  oranghil@batelnet.bs
  Website: www.orangehill.com

  Berry Islands - "Beach Villa"
  Bungalows at the beach. Lot of space right and left from
  the bungalows, no problems to erect big antennas if you
  book any villa on the edge.

  Tel: (242) 367 8838
  email: TDBahamas@aol.com

  Crooked Island - Hotel "Pittstown Point Landings"

  Tel.: 561-799-1673
  Fax: 561-799-9431
  email: info@pittstownpointlandings.com

  Long Island - ”Coral Gardens Apartments"

  POB. LI 30139 Stella Maris
  Long Island
  Ocean View Drive
  Tel.: (001-242) 338 5009
  email: CoralGardensApt@aol.com
  www: Coral Gardens Apts

Meet other hams in the Offshore Weather Net from Monday until Saturday on 3696 kHz at 07:20 a.m. local time, on Sunday 09:00 a.m. or in the Waterway Net on 7268 kHz at 07:45 a.m. local time. Carolyn, C6AGG, runs the nets.
New entrants are always welcome.