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National flag of Barbados



  Barbados - Country and People

 Barbados is a small island state in the southeastern Caribbean, 20 miles from the north to the south and 14 miles from the east to the west.
  This is only half the size of the German capital Berlin. Barbados is one of the most advanced islands in the Caribbean.

 Capital City

 Bridgetown (10.000 inhabitants)


 266.000, 91% of them black, 5% mulattos and 4% white


 English; but also "Bajan", a Barbadian dialect


 24 - 27C (75 - 80F) throughout the year
 Hurricane season - May until October


 110V (sometimes 220V)


 Barbados Dollar (1BDS$ ~ 0,5 US$)


 Not necessary - but better ask your Doctor

    Actual time and temperature
 in Bridgetown / Barbados


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  How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your licence application, together with copies of your passport and own licence, a list of your equipment and if known, your location in Barbados, to the following address:

Frequency Management Division
Ministry of Telecommunications and Works
Mrs. Roach
The Business Center
Upton Road
St. Michael
West Indies

Licence fee is 25 US $ (1999).

Send your application well in advance; 8 weeks before you enter Barbados should be enough.

Mrs. Roach is a very helpful Lady. To avoid problems with the customs please ask her to send a fax with receipt if you can't get the licence right in time. It may happen, that you have to leave your equipment at the airport if you don't have the licence available.
You may miss your first contest !!! 

  Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

 Frequency Management Division
 Ministry of Telecommunications and Works
 Mrs. Roach
 The Business Center
 Upton Road
 St. Michael
 Barbados, W.I.

 Tel: (246) 430 2200
 Fax: (246) 426 0960

 8P6RY, Carlo - President of the Barbados Amateur
 Radio Society (BARS)

 Tel: (246) 422 3584

 William Burton (ICOM Dealer)
 The Business Center
 Upton Road

 Tel: (246) 427 3442