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Unser QTH - “Sunflower Hotel”
in Runaway Bay


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  Jamaica - Country and People

  Jamaica is a beautiful mountainous island with nice beaches, lush green vegetation, big palm tree forests, waterfalls and many places of interest, a good infra structure and large tourist centers. It is located in the northern Caribbean, some hundred kilometers south of Cuba.
   Tourism is one of the main economic sources. Big cruise ships arrrive daily in the Jamaican harbours and are closely surrounded from taxi drivers and hawkers.
   Unfortunately that mass tourism has also slightly negative aspects for individual travellers like us. One mostly has a guide on his heels, who knows good shopping facilities or extraordinary places of interest. But they always have open hands - nothing is for free.
   One always has to haggle for anything or you leave "feathers".
   The most important export hit is Reggae, ... or is there anybody who does NOT know Bob Marley?

 Capital City

 Kingston (104.000 Einwohner)


 2,5 Millions; 77% Black, 19% Mulatos, 9% Asians, 1% White




 Around 80F (27C) throughout the year
 Hurricane season - May until October


 220 Volt


 Jamaica Dollar


 Not necessary but better ask your Doctor

    Actual time and temperature
 in Kingston / Jamaica


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  How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your licence application, together with the following items

- Photocopy of your passport
- Photocopy of your own licence
- List of equipment
- Date and place of your intended stay in Jamaica

to the following address:

Post and Telecommunications Department
Mr. Matheson
South Camp Road
POB 7000

Send your application well in advance; 8 weeks before you enter Jamaica should be enough (but better more).

Licence fee is 10 US $. 

  Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

 Post and Telecommunications Department
 Mr. Matheson (in 1999)
 South Camp Road
 POB 7000

 Tel: (001-876) 922 1588
 Fax: (001-876) 922 9449

 Sunflower Villas, Runaway Bay

 Tel: (001-876)-973 2171