Here are a few photographs of our vacation trip to Dominica.

Click to the thumbnails if you want to see them enlarged.

Sea Cliff Cottages in Calibishie

Sea Cliff Calibishi

Sea Cliff Cottages

Sea Cliff Cottages

DX Outlook

Pointe Baptiste in Calibishie

Pointe Baptistei

Red Rock Beach

Red Rock Beach 2

Ham Radio in Calibishie

Mr. Cadette
and me at the
licensing Office

Contest end

J79GU at Sea Cliff

After contest party

Gerd, J79GU
Lambert, J73LC
  Paul, 2nd OP J75KG and George, J75KG

J79GU at
Pointe Baptiste

Erecting the Beam for CQWW

George, J75KG

Paul, J75KG, second OP

Dominica - Impressions

Bar in Calibishie

After the rain 2

Banana shack in Calibishie

View to Salisbury

Shop in Calibishie


Baystreet in Portsmouth

Soufriere 2

After the rain

Scotts Head