J38GU - 1996


National flag of Grenada


Grenada and the Grenadines



J3/DL7VOG - 2007

  Grenada - Country and People

 Grenada is located in the southern Caribbean north of Trinidad and Tobago. You immediately know what Grenadas second name "Spice Island" means when you leave the plane in St. George's. The smell of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and other spices is everywhere.
 Grenada is a mountainous and lush green island. The island center is covered with rain forest.
  There are many lakes, rivers, rills and waterfalls.
  You have the choice of many remarkable places of interest like sugar mills, nutmeg plants, old rum destilleries, fortresses and and and ...

 Capital City

 St. George’s (10.000 inhabitants)


 91.000, 82% Black, 13% Mulattos, 4% Indians, less than 1% White




 Around 80F (27C) throughout the year
 Hurricane season - June until October


 220 Volt


 East Caribbean Dollar (1 EC$ ~ 0,37 €)


 Not necessary - but better ask your Doctor

    The actual temperature
 in St. George’s / Grenada


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  How to get an amateur radio guest license?

Send your license application, together with the following items

- Photocopy of your passport
- Photocopy of your own licence
- intended date and place of your stay in Grenada
- two passport size photographs

to the following address:

National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
P.O.Box 854
St. George's
Grenada, W.I.

Send your application well in advance; 8 weeks before you enter Grenada should be enough (better more).
You also can try to send your application form which you may find at http://ectel.int/ectelnew-2
via email to cwhiteman@ectel.int.
You will get your license ONLY in Miss Whiteman’s office in St. George’s after your arrival.
You have to sign it there.
Miss Cassandra Whitman is so kind to send you a copy of your license via email in advance to avoid problems with the customs on arrival. But you have to pay the fee before they issue the license.
So if you have any friend there to pay your license fee it saves you any trouble.

The physical address of the Regulatory Commission where you get your license is:

Suite # 8
Grand Anse Shopping Center
Grand Anse
St. George’s

Licence fee is about 30 US$.

Foreign applicants now get the call signs “Homecall/J3” only !!

You could also send a letter to the Grenada Amateur Radio Club and ask them for help with the license.
REMEMBER: Letters to the Caribbean countries are usually slower than snail mail. It doesn't matter if you send them via air mail or not - two or three weeks is normal.

  Useful addresses, phone numbers and email-addresses

 National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
 P.O.Box 854
 St. George's
 Grenada, W.I.

 Tel: (001-473) 435 6872
 Fax: (001-473) 435 2132
 Email: cwhiteman@ectel.int

 Grenada Amateur Radio Club
 P.O.Box 737
 St. George's
 Grenada, W.I


 Hotel “Lance aux Epines Cottages”
 P.O.Box 187
 St. George’s
 Grenada, W.I.

 “Lance aux Epines Cottages” is a well managed hotel with
 spacious cottages away from the tourist mile with a nice
 beach in the south of Grenada about 15 minutes from the
 The price in summer starts at 70 US $,
 in winter (November until April) from 95 US$. (1996)
 L'Anse aux Epines Cottages is a nice place for ham radio
 operations, the staff is very tolerant and helpful.
 Todays price starts at 130 US$ (2008).

 “Big Sky Lodge” is a familiar, simple but clean guesthouse with
 2 cottages with 2 doublebed rooms in Crochu.
 You should rent a car because the cottages are a little out of
 the way. Who looks for a hideaway place in a tropical garden -
 this is your place.

 “Snakepit” Carriacou - simple studio from 60 USD/day at
  Paradise-Beach in the northwest of the Grenadines Island

 Tel: (001-473) 444 4565
 Fax: (001-473) 444 2802

 Tel: (001-473) 444 7277
 Email: tlauerbach@spiceisle.com
 Web: www.grenada-lodge.org


 Tel: (001-473) 443 6039
 Email: snakepit@carriacou.biz
 Web: http://snakepit.carriacou.biz